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Art to remind us of the insensitivity of senseless opposition


Dr Ariel Wilner is an Argentinian biologist and artist who has created, among other works of art, an audiovisual art piece with the title "Lack of Light". In his piece, Ariel has connected Golden Rice to the challenges of millions of children affected by malnutrition and fighting for survival in this world. ("Lack of Light") will take you from darkness into the light, accompanied by music, as an invitation for observers to reflect on the importance of our sensory connection to the world and the people that surround us. Artwork collection by Ariel Wilner.

At the present time Humankind has developed tools that would allow effective help to solve different Global Tragedies, always affecting the poorest. Genetically modified (GMO) foods are capable of providing immediate solutions, some of them, to alleviate the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Human Beings, many of them children.


There is very serious misinformation about the use of these foods / products. There is no scientific evidence that reveals any harm or supports the position that they are harmful and should not be consumed. The issue has become very distorted, and support for Precision Agriculture has already garnered the support of 158 Nobel Laureates as of today, May 2021.


It is important to highlight that the Governments are the ones that have to regulate its use to preserve the balance of our home Planet Earth, as well as the well-being of its inhabitants.


We have a huge responsibility to amplify this message.


The art piece Lack of Light passes first through darkness, and then through light, finally inviting a deep reflection on the part of the observer.


I intend from the Art, to generate visibility and awareness on the Golden Rice issue.


This work is a brief experience, trying to generate observation and support to a powerful message, in a heterodox, immaterial, deeply empathetic way. It aims to generate a reaction in those who observe it. That reaction, that intellectual conflict that will inevitably lead to reflection, is the Artistic Piece. It is that moment in which the person who participates in the experience ends in a different way than when began to participate. That change, that spark, is the Art work itself. That act of reflection that will cause the observer to be questioned by his own rationality. Is what I saw true? Is that concept true? Or Have I been a victim of misinformation? Then we will have achieved a change.


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